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Empowering children and strengthening families by reducing trauma and restoring hope.

We are Proud of Our History

The Pueblo Child Advocacy was the 6th Advocacy Center in the Nation and the 1st Advocacy Center in Colorado.

Providing a safe place for the investigation of child abuse

Our multidisciplinary response to allegations of child abuse ensures that child victims get all the initial investigational services under one roof and limits the number of times and the number of persons to whom a child has to disclose.

Report Child Abuse

Any individual concerned for a child's well-being can report child abuse or neglect. Suspicion of abuse is all that is necessary to make a report.

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Be a Hero!

Each one of us has the ability to become a hero to someone. We are asking you to be a hero right now and make a donation that helps us fulfill our mission and provide much-needed services for victims of child abuse.

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