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Forensic Interviews

A forensic interview is a detailed, non- leading, and legally sound interview conducted with compassion and sensitivity in a neutral and child-friendly setting by a trained forensic interviewer. The goal of the forensic interview to avoid duplicate interviews, reduce re-victimization and obtain as much information and detail about what occurred. A trained child interview specialist will interview your child in a private, age-appropriate room while the rest of the team observes and records the interview from a different room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a forensic interview for my child?

All interviews are a part of an official investigative process and are scheduled through law enforcement or Child Protective Services. If you suspect your child is being abused, please see click here for information about reporting suspected abuse. 


Can a parent or caregiver be present during the interview?

Only the child and the Forensic Interviewer are able to be in the room during the interview. 


My child was scheduled for a forensic interview, what should I tell them?

Let your child know they are going to a safe place to talk about what happened and that it's important to tell the truth.

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