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The Blue Cape

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The Blue Cape recognizes some of the many outstanding individuals in our service area that make significant and enduring contributions, and demonstrate in word and deed, commitment and dedication to children through extraordinary promotion of child advocacy and, through their efforts, the CAC and/or the children it serves have been appreciably affected.


Blue is the color of ribbon we wear as part of a nationwide movement to raise awareness of child abuse and prevention. Each Blue Cape is adorned with a pinwheel patch, which connotates playfulness and joy – a symbol of the childhoods we want for all children.

The Blue Cape campaign was created and launched by Pueblo Child Advocacy Center in 2021,
with a commitment to recognize 21 people and organizations in the months before the Blue Cape
Breakfast. Additional Blue Capes are presented after the Blue Cape
Breakfast to recognize donors at the $1,000 level and above. 22 Blue
Capes will be presented in 2022 using the same philosophy.

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