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Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Investigations - working as a team allows us to respond promptly and sensitively to limit the number of times and the number of persons to whom a child has to disclose. All cases referred to the Center are reviewed by our MDT members to provide the best wrap-around services to children and families.

Forensic Interviews - a detailed, non- leading, and legally sound interview occurring in a neutral and child-friendly setting by a trained forensic interviewer. Our goal is to avoid duplicate interviews, reduce re-victimization, and get at the truth of what happened. A trained child interview specialist will interview your child in a private, age-appropriate room. The rest of the team observes and records the interview from a different room.


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Medical Evaluations - referral and coordination of a medical evaluation by certified health care providers with pediatric experience and child abuse expertise. The purpose of the exam is to ensure the health and well-being of the child, diagnose and treat medical conditions that may be related to abuse, document any significant physical and forensic findings, and allow for the collection of evidence that may be present on the child’s body or clothing. PCAC works closely with the hospital for acute exams.

Advocacy/Support- Staff advocates can provide information about victim rights, the investigative process, the justice system, safety planning, and serve as a liaison and support system to families during the process. A Family Advocate will also provide on-going follow-up services including support and education.

The Daisy Club is a group for girls 6-10 years of age to participate in creative activities and building relationships, while processing trauma in a safe environment.  Through artwork, play, and friendship, the goal is to build stronger more confident girls in an 8-week curriculum.