Our signature fundraising events play a special role in philanthropy at the Center – they generate funds that help us to fulfill our promise to respond to every child abuse investigation.  Our events are designed for maximum impact for the Center and maximum enjoyment for participants.

Blue Cape Breakfast
Nov 17, 2022

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some heroes’ “capes” look more like scrubs, a badge, or turn-out gear.  Some capes, though, are bright blue with a pinwheel badge that screams to the world “I stand against child abuse and I am part of the "Child Advocacy and Protection Effort.” Our Annual Blue Cape Breakfast is a free fundraising event that celebrates the army of blue capes we’re building in Pueblo.  We all have superpowers.  Let child advocacy be yours.

Blue T  e Gala
April 2022 

Untitled design (45).png

The Blue Tie Gala is our annual black-tie charity ball for the benefit of the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center.  It is widely regarded as among the most prominent social events in Pueblo, held annually in April to pay tribute to Child Abuse Awareness month. Guests of our 2022 Blue Tie Gala will enjoy a night of “Whimsy” which sets the tone for the formal dress, dinner, dancing, and décor of the night. 

More details and registration to come.