Our signature fundraising events play a special role in philanthropy at the Center – they generate funds that help us to fulfill our promise to respond to every child abuse investigation.  Our events are designed for maximum impact for the Center and maximum enjoyment for participants.

Blue Tie Gala

April 24, 2021

We are answering the call for COVID-19 adaptation with our masks on, corkscrew in hand, and…getting uncorked!  We invite you to our 2021 #BTGUncorked event on April 24 – an irreverent wine tasting that is miles away from a standard stand-pour-sip event.  Participants will get friendly with grapes and eats during this virtual tasting event with four pours paired with charcuterie by a local sommelier and chef.  Between sips, guests will enjoy a floor show that may involve comedy, pop-culture factoids, and demonstrations.  Join us for a wine+ (wine, spirits, mixes, etc.) pull and an auction specifically for food and wine lovers.  Don’t miss this one!  Registration is coming soon.

Blue Cape Breakfast

June 24,2021

We all have superpowers, whether it’s cooking or teaching or catching the bad guys or just smiling through a child’s tenth accounting of a dragon battle.  And we all wear capes – just like Batman.  Some capes look like scrubs, or a badge, or turn out gear, or a piece of chalk.  Some capes, though, are bright blue with a pinwheel badge that scream to the world “I stand against child abuse and I am part of the "Child Advocacy and Protection Effort.” Join us to celebrate the army of blue capes we’re building in Pueblo.  We all have superpowers.  Let child advocacy be yours. 

Registration is coming soon.


September 18, 2021

Whether you want to walk, run or ride your bicycle, grab your cape and family for a 5K.  Even if you’re running your first race, don’t sweat it.  The CAPE Run is untimed, taking the pressure off runners to keep a specific pace or worry about placing. Instead, the emphasis is on our cause.  Stand, walk, run, or ride with us against child abuse on September 18.  A cape-making workshop will precede the race so set aside your favorite fabric; there will be prizes for the most exemplary caped participants.  Registration is coming soon. 

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