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Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Believe in the mission and vision of the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center and “put kids first” in my decision-making.​​

  • Be fiscally responsible, with other board members, for this organization

  • Regularly attend and participate in board meetings, be available for phone consultation as needed, and serve on at least one committee or work group of the board.

  • Share resources and talents with the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center, including professional expertise as well as connections in the community for potential financial support or in-kind contributions to the center.

  • Engage in fundraising for the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center in whatever ways are best.  These may include individual or corporate solicitations, promoting PCAC in the workplace or in other organizations I am a part of, writing mail appeals, and attending special events.

  • Actively promote the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center, encourage and support its Executive Director and staff, and work in concert with other board members.

  • Agree that in the event, for whatever reason, I can no longer fulfill my duties and responsibilities as a board member of the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center, you will immediately notify the board president to offer a resignation.